Overhead Door Guards: Why & When To Use Them

What Is An Overhead Door Guard? 

Overhead door guards are mostly used for commercial garage doors in high traffic areas. The guard is placed over the door tracks as an added protection against heavy equipment that may bump into it. These guards can be used in a residential setting if needed as well. It will protect the tracks from lawn mowers, cars, bicycles and anything else that can damage the door track. If the door track is damaged, it will prevent the door from opening and closing properly, leaving the home or business owner to be faced with unexpected expenses.

Types of Overhead Door Guards

There are two types of door guards. There are track shields that are placed over the bottom of the track and bolted into the floor or wall depending on the model. The generally range from 30” to 48” in height and can withstand impacts of approximately 10,000lbs. The other type of door guard is a goal post guard. These are more durable than other door guards and provide maximum track protection for commercial garage doors. Both types operate without interfering with the normal door operation and are easy to replace if damaged.

Door Guard Cost

When purchasing track guards, it is good to note that they range in price depending on the height and type. A regular door guard can range from approximately $30 to $200 and up as a one-time cost. Repairing the same damaged garage door track, however, can range from approximately $85 – $250 and up per incident. If the damage calls for replacing the door track, the costs will increase. Goal post door guards cost more, but they provide the ultimate track protection. They can cost upwards of $2,100 depending again on height but the cost for commercial garage door repair per incident is also higher.

We Are Your Local Garage Door Experts! 

Overhead door guards are a great investment if the garage door in question is opened and closed frequently and exposed to heavy equipment each time. For more questions on the benefits of overhead door guards or for a consultation to find which door guard is best for you, call our expert team at Absolute Overhead Door Service at (502) 273-5153 today. Experience what many others have with our fast, friendly, and experienced service.

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