Should Your Garage Door Be Insulated?

Should Your Garage Door Be Insulated

Should My Garage Door Be Insulated?

In order to fight the fight against rising heating and cooling costs, homeowners are looking for ways to insulate their homes in order to save more money. One place of particular interest for many people is the garage door.

The garage door acts as a wall in that it closes off your garage from the outdoors, but it lets air in which changes the temperature. When your garage is attached to your home, this leads to temperature fluctuations inside which then leads to increased energy costs.

Is an insulated door the key to changing this effect?

Types of Insulation

Modern garage doors are expected to open and close reliably on a regular basis, and often have several hinges or folding points. Traditional bat or spray-in insulation won’t work in a garage door application, and even if they are advertised to do so, the constant movement of the door will eventually cause it to fail.

A better alternative is to install a garage door with insulation built into it. A standard metal garage door conducts heat and cold easily, but an insulated door fights this effect. If you’re planning on replacing your garage door and live in an area that sees extreme heat or cold, an insulated door can save you significant money in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Even if your garage is only used for storage and parking vehicles, insulating it can help keep the rest of your home more comfortable year-around. Installing a garage door that is pre-insulated as opposed to retrofitting your existing door with insulation is your best bet for effectiveness and longevity.

If you’re interested in further insulating your home against temperature fluctuation while saving money on energy costs, look no further than Absolute Overhead Door. Our expert technicians are available seven days a week, with same day service available before 1 pm! Call us today at 877-562-8444 with any questions, or to schedule your service.


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