How to set-up your myQ App

Control your garage door from any smart device with LiftMaster’s premium garage door openers and myQ App. In our latest video our service manager, Brent, walks you through the process of setting the app up on your smart phone. With features that give you the ability to track activity, allow access and set schedules, keeping your home secure is easy.


See the video transcription with step-by-step instructions below:


Hello everybody – I’m Brent with Absolute Overhead Doors of Elizabethtown and Louisville, Kentucky. I’m at a customer’s home here in Radcliff, Kentucky where today we upgraded them to our Elite Series Liftmaster 8550W Wi-Fi capable operator and today we’re going to walk you through hooking that up on your phone.


All of your internet-capable operators today will come with a manual obviously that will give you step-by-step instructions. This one here, on the front page it’ll direct you to the myQ App that you need to download on your phone that you’re going to need to operate this off of your smartphone.


Once you’ve created that account and downloaded that app on your phone, there’s pretty simple steps to get you set up to where you can operate this operator from pretty much anywhere that you have internet capabilities.


I already have a myQ App set up on my iPhone, so once you have the the app set up on your phone you can go to devices and it’ll say add device. It’ll prompt you to add device on the first screen there. So I’m going to click on add device.


It’s going to list all your myQ devices that you’re able to set up on your smart phone. The one right on the top is the garage door opener. It’s the one you want to click on and it tells you before you get started to make sure that you have access to Wi-Fi in your home and that you have your Wi-Fi password handy.


So once you have your internet password handy it’s going to prompt you to hit next on the screen on your phone so I hit next. Here it’s going to show you four different wall stations that would come with your garage door operators and it’s going to ask you to select the one that looks like yours. So click on whichever wall station looks compatible with yours and it’s going to prompt you to the screen to enter you into the programming mode so we’re going to go over to the wall station and follow the instructions on your phone.


On this one here it says to tap the menu button. You’re going to have to scroll down to the program function and hit the arrow key and then scroll down to Wi-Fi setup and hit the arrow key to the right. Your operator clicked so it has now entered programming mode.


So hit next on your phone screen and it’s going to prompt you, it says, “You should have heard a beep from the ceiling-mounted garage door opener, hit next.” Now it’s asking you to leave the myQ App and go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone. You’re going to have to select the network that begins with MyQ-XXX in those settings on your phone.


Alright so once you’ve located myQ under Wi-Fi in the settings on your phone, click on the myQ network and then you’re going to get prompted from the my Q app. Says you’ve successfully connected to your myQ device, tap here to return to myQ. Now, it’s going to come up with the Wi-Fi networks for your home.


Most homes today have both 2G and 5G. You’re going to want to make sure that you click on the 2G for your home and then you’re going to have to enter in your home password. Right now it’s trying to connect with the device. It says stay close to the device, it may take a minute and you will hear a series of beeps.


We just heard this series of beeps so it says stay close to your device and then now it’s going to ask me to name that device. I’m going to put “garage door opener home.” Done.


Hit next and you have successfully completed setting it up on your phone. So once you’ve done that now the screen on your phone is going to look like this and anytime you want to open or close your door or see how long it’s been left open or closed all you have to do is look at this screen you can prompt it to open or close just by hitting the blue button in the middle.


Right now the alarm is going off to let anyone nearby know that it’s been prompted to shut from a remote device.


So thanks for watching today. If you are interested in a Wi-Fi opener for your home, feel free to call us. We’d be happy to give you any information or give you pricing on setting this up in your home.



If you’re looking to add a smart garage door opener to your home or having trouble setting up the myQ App on your phone, give us a call today!

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