What You Need to Know About Garage Door Windows

These days, garage come in an almost limitless number of different styles, sizes, and colors to suit any home’s theme, and one popular option is the addition of garage door windows. Adding them to your garage door is a personal choice, but you should be aware of the benefits and possible drawbacks when it comes to having them.

Here are some great benefits to adding these windows to your garage:

  • Windows let in natural light to a room that is generally very dark, which not only helps to brighten things up but does so for free
  • Garage door windows help break up what is normally a large blank spot on the front of your home, adding curb appeal and another dimension of aesthetic interest
  • Windows help your garage feel like a more cohesive element of your home instead of a separate entity
  • Just like there are limitless options when it comes to the style of your garage door, there are numerous glass options available as well, so you can have a true one-of-a-kind look

However, though there are numerous benefits to adding windows to your garage door, there are some factors you should consider first, including:

  • As opposed to metal panels, glass windows do add an element of fragility to your garage door. They are 100% structurally sound, but instead of denting hit with something, they will crack or shatter. If a window is damaged though, they are simple to replace
  • Glass provides fantastic natural light for your garage, but it can also give an overly-curious passerby the opportunity to see what’s inside. If you’re worried about your privacy, tinted glass is a great compromise

If you’re looking to add glass your garage door, Absolute Overhead Door Service can help. Our expert technicians are familiar with all the current garage door trends and technologies. Call today at (502) 221-7241 for a free consultation and expert same day service on repairs and installation.


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