What Does a Sagging Garage Door Mean?

Sagging Garage DoorIf you’ve begun to notice that your garage door doesn’t close evenly or is sagging on one side, it may be because of a garage door balance alignment issue. While in its early stages a sagging door is just a cosmetic problem, it can develop into something more serious if not addressed in a timely fashion.

A Healthy Balance

The balance of your garage door is similar to the wheel alignment on your car; though it may be just an annoyance at first, the underlying cause is uneven wear of one or more components. Driving on a car with an alignment that is off wears out one tire faster than the other which can lead to expensive damage if not addressed, much in the same way as your garage door’s balance.

When you let your garage door sag for too long, eventually one spring will become much more worn than the other. When that happens, there is a possibility that the over stressed spring can snap and cause serious damage to your property or anybody who happens to be standing nearby. Additionally, the weakened spring puts additional load on your garage door motor which often leads to premature failure and additional required repairs. Though not inherently dangerous, a worn out garage door motor is a huge inconvenience and can be a costly repair.

Trust the Experts

When addressing a sagging or misaligned garage door, it is important to consult with a professional service like Absolute Overhead Door first. If the sagging is caused by a worn out spring, a simple replacement of the affected spring is likely the best fix. But if the problem is something more involved, it’s best to recruit a pro to avoid putting yourself in danger or risking causing more damage to your home.

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