The Advantages of Insulated Garage Doors in 2019

Your garage often goes overlooked despite how crucial it is to your home. Many see the garage to be nothing more than a glorified parking spot and, beAdvantages of Insulated Garage Doorscause of this, getting an insulated door is frequently written off. Despite popular belief, the garage door does so much more than just open and close. Here are a few reasons why you should consider an insulated garage door:

Garage Door Reinforcements – The more layers to the garage door the stronger it is. Though it is overlooked, your garage door takes a beating. Debris during intense storms, children playing in the driveway hitting the door with sports equipment, and even the occasional bump from your car can wear down a door, but the thicker it is, the better.

Climate Control – From doubling as a personal gym to making it a hangout spot, the garage has transformed to accommodate people. No one wants to spend time in a garage that is freezing or baking its inhabitants. Insulation prevents the desired temperature from being lost and the unwanted temperature from seeping in. This energy efficiency will also keep your electric bill down because your air conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard.

Less Noise in Your Garage – An insulated garage door will work both ways to stop unwanted sounds. If you live near a busy street, it will reduce how much noise enters your home, but it will also keep entering and exiting quieter, as insulated doors rattle less than standard doors.

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Once considered necessary only for the cold, insulated garage doors prove themselves to be essential for anyone with a garage, attached or otherwise. Absolute Overhead Door Service has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award five years in a row. Don’t hesitate to call us at (502) 221-7241 for same day service at no extra charge, and don’t forget to ask about our lifetime warranties.

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