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Three Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Panels

Most garage doors feature panels that allow the door to roll up on a track along the ceiling. If garage panels suffer damage, you may be able to replace one or two without replacing the entire door. Replacing dented or damaged garage door panels keeps your home safe and secure.Garage Door Panels

Here are a few signs you should invest in replacement garage door panels:

  1. The door jams when you try to open it. Dented, rusted, or otherwise damaged panels can prevent a door from sliding along its track and opening properly. Instead of replacing the entire unit, you may find a replacement panel to keep your garage door performing well.
  1. The panel looks aged. In some locations, one part of the garage door may age more quickly than another does. If rain continually splashes on the bottom panel or the top panel receives direct sunlight, it can deteriorate faster.
  1. The panel presents a security risk. A hole or dent in garage door panels can weaken the safety of the entire door. Opportunistic thieves and vandals may take advantage of the damaged entry point.

Unless you need to replace the entire door for aesthetic value, or interior damage, we highly recommend investing in panel replacement services. A single panel or two-panel replacement can save you hundreds of dollars. Contact Absolute Overhead Door Service at 877-562-8444 for a free quote on garage door panels.

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