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Common Problems with Your Garage DoorThere are few things more annoying than having a problem with your garage door. We take our automatic garage doors for granted, but having a major issue with them can often lead to more serious problems like getting locked out of your home. Below you’ll find some of the most common problems with your garage door that you may have to deal with.

Garage Door Won’t Open At All

If your garage door won’t open at all, the first thing you should do is check the batteries in the transmitter. If you’ve replaced the batteries, and your garage door still won’t open, there could be any one of several issues. The cables might be having problems, there could be something in the tracks, or there could be an issue with the motor or sensor. Your best bet is to have a qualified professional take a look.

Loud Screeching and Grinding

The most common cause of a loud screeching or grinding is having dirt or debris in the tracks. The second most common cause is a lack of lubrication. Essentially, you need to clean the tracks, then lubricate the relevant parts with an oil that’s specially designed for garage doors.

Broken Torsion Spring

If you’re home when a torsion spring breaks, you’ll hear a loud bang –like someone shot a firework off in your garage. Every spring has a limited number of uses, so it’s natural for them to break. When it comes to torsion springs, you should always call a professional. The springs carry a lot of tension and are dangerous to work with.

Absolute Overhead Garage Door Repairs

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