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How Commercial Overhead Doors Keep Your Business Safe

Chances are if your business has an overhead commercial garage door, you may think of it only as a convenience for shipping and receiving large items. It’s important to keep in mind that shutterstock_111450137overhead garage doors can offer you more than just convenience—they offer security for your business.

A high-quality door can give you security in the following ways:

·         Sturdy Structure – Commercial and industrial garage doors are made with a heavy-gauge steel backed and insulation of nylon or steel. This helps to deter break-ins and adds protection from severe weather. Depending on the needs of your commercial business, doors are made of different gauge steel and can be equipped with a steel grid for enhanced security.

·         Operation is Indoor-accessible Only – Your commercial overhead door can be operated only from the inside of the building. Once the door is closed, it can’t be opened from the outside. Therefore, when the door is closed, it’s automatically locked.

·         Flexibility in Style – Commercial overhead garage doors are designed differently than residential doors. Depending on the level of security you need for your location, you have a wide variety of doors to choose from. Whether protecting your inventory from weather elements or deterring break-ins with reinforced steel ribbing, your commercial overhead garage door will give you peace of mind for your product inventory.

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