Garage Door Trends for 2017 and Beyond

As with almost everything to do with home improvement, each year sees new garage door trends. In 2017 there are some design and technology innovations that you may want to consider if you are planning to upgrade or replace your garage door.

  1. Color

Primary colors are big for front exterior treatments such as trim and entry doors. Garage doors can also benefit from the trend. Bold pops of color such as fire-engine red, navy blue or even bright yellow are a welcome relief from the endless neutral tones we’ve seen in the past. Just be sure that the color you choose complements (not necessarily matches) the rest of your home, especially the colors and textures of its cladding, roof, and other building materials.

  1. Smart Technology

As we move closer to the universal integration of the Internet of Things, homes are getting smarter. The kinds of technology that run your robot vacuum cleaner or home security systems are impacting garage door design. Increasingly, you can operate your garage door and opener (even resetting passcodes) from your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Check out Liftmaster’s Elite Opener to see this technology.

  1. Efficiency

Double and triple layer insulated garage doors that use advanced weatherstripping materials, and that have been expertly installed to fit properly, can lower your home’s heating and cooling bills by a surprising amount. When it comes to cleaning, easy to maintain materials such as aluminum and fiberglass are popular, even though steel doors still rule for security reasons. They can be treated with surface materials to promote easy maintenance.

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