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When you have a garage, you can ensure that its contents are safe from the elements by weather stripping it. Call Absolute today so that we can apply the most appropriate weather seals and garage door thresholds.

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Benefits of Weather-Stripping

Oftentimes, your garage door weather seal goes unnoticed when analyzing your door system as a whole. However, the seal found on the four sides of your garage door play a very important role in protecting your door and ensuring it provides maximum insulation. Some of the benefits of replacing your existing weather seal include:

Reduce energy bills by keeping your garage cool in the summertime and keeping the heat in during the winter.

 Protect the contents of your garage from pests, dust, dirt, or rain.

 Blocks bugs and rodents. 

Weather stripping wears over time. You can determine if you need to replace your garage door’s weather seal by properly inspecting it yourself. If your bottom seal is cracked, has a gap, or if you can feel a draft coming through the door, it’s probably time to replace your weather seal. 

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