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If you’ve been experiencing problems with your garage door not operating correctly and you aren’t sure what’s wrong, the following list of the Garage Door Potential Problemscomponents that make up a garage door system and their common issues should help point you in the right direction.

Individual Door Sections

Modern garage doors are typically made from a series of sections stacked on top of one another, and these panels are commonly damaged by hitting them with a vehicle or other heavy object like a garbage can. When this happens, it can hinder the door’s ability to open and close smoothly, or at all.


Hinges connect each garage door panel to one another and need periodic lubrication to work properly. If neglected they can hinder the smooth operation of your door as it moves up and down.


There are safety sensors on each side of the door track that communicate with the opener to help prevent injury and damage to the door if something is in the door’s path. These have been required on garage doors since 1992. A misaligned sensor can prevent your door from going down more than a few inches.


Tracks on either side of your door opening guide the garage door up and down, but require periodic lubrication and inspection to stay in top working order. Neglected tracks can cause excess wear on other door components and can cause the door to open or close unevenly, or not at all.

Torsion Spring

The spring above your door helps support the weight of the garage door and helps supply the force to lift the door during opening. Springs wear over time and if left unadjusted, it can cause your opener to wear out prematurely and can prevent your door from opening at all. Never attempt to adjust a spring on your own, as they are under high load and can cause serious injury.

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