Garage Door Basics

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Let’s get back to the garage door basics…Most of you are probably aware that a quality garage door increases the value and look of any home. We’re talking some serious change. A quality garage door can increase up to 4% of a home’s value. Four percent may not sound like much but when considering a very large financial investment such as a home, that 4% turns into a very significant number that could equal thousands upon thousands of dollars.

At Absolute Overhead Door, we understand the value of excellent quality, well installed garage doors and fully understand the positive changes that it can make on your home, your homes appearance, your life’s day to day convenience, and its overall value. A beautiful garage door is one of – if not the first thing that people notice about your home since it covers on average 675 square feet. The same applies to a garage door that is old, rusting corners, caving in from that bump with the car, or just doesn’t measure up aesthetically. Our technicians are highly trained and certified and Absolute Overhead Door is licensed and insured.

Above our credentials, we want every customer to be satisfied with the installation of a garage door that will change their homes appearance and value for many, many years to come. We understand the need for an honest, trustworthy, do-it-right-the-first-time, knowledgeable company to be on your property and installing what will transform your homes value and appearance. With our 22 point inspection of every home that we enter, we are certain that we are providing you with the safest options and best prices that you’ll find. Guaranteed.

Our technicians are available 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday thru Saturday and offer same day appointment’s if the call is made prior to 1 o’clock pm. Emergency visits after 6pm weekdays and Saturdays and on Sunday’s. Don’t be mislead by companies who consider you just another number in their day — choose a company who values you, your home, and your wishes. We are “Absolute”ly the best in the business! Contact us today for a no obligation call – anytime day or night, we assure that you will speak to another human — we’re here for you!

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