Facts About Garage Door Remotes

Here are a few facts you may not know about your garage door remote:

  1. Automatic garage door openers feature manual releases. In the event of an electrical outage or other issue, the manual release helps you gain entrance to or leave your garage.
  1. The safety auto-reverse function needs regular testing. Always keep the sensors clear of debris and check the functionality of the auto-reverse feature on a routine basis. If you notice any problems with it, contact a garage door service provider for an inspection.
  1. Home inspectors evaluate the safety and performance of your garage door remote and opener system. You may want to invest in a garage door inspection before home inspectors arrive if you are looking to sell your home.
  1. Like other home appliances, your garage door remotes and openers need routine support. If you notice any changes in functionality, your garage door opener or remote may need service.

At Absolute Overhead Door Service, we specialize in garage doors, automatic opening systems, and garage door remotes. If you have questions about your current system, need service, or want to install a new garage door or opener, reach out to our team by calling (502) 273-5153

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