Increase Curb Appeal by Replacing Your Garage Door

a replaced garage door in louisville ky

Increase Curb Appeal by Replacing Your Garage Door

Your garage door can take up to as much as 60% of your home’s front profile, making it an important factor when it comes to your home’s curb appeal. You can make the most of your home’s appearance by giving it the facelift it deserves: upgrading your garage door.

According to the 2018 Cost vs. Value Report, an upscale garage door replacement has the highest cost recoup the value of any home improvement project – coming in at 98%! Replacing an outdated garage door is an easy way to not only give your home character but also add resale value!

Replacing Your Garage Door

Many homes designed in the last 20 years fall under the descriptor “snout house.” This term refers to homes with garages taking up the main front portion of the house facing outward into the street. Snout houses are generally considered unsightly, and even enough to be banned in Portland, Sacramento, and several other cities. As unfavorable as this design or any other unpopular design may be, it doesn’t have to spell disaster for the aesthetic value of your home. Fixing the problem can be as simple as upgrading your garage door!

Choosing a New Garage Door

Here are the top four things to consider when choosing a new garage door:


There are many different options and styles to choose from to suit your garage door best. There is always the classic traditional look, but there are also more modern doors available to provide a sleek look.


Get creative with the material of the garage door to make it your own. Wood, steel, and fiberglass are just a few of the materials available to make a garage door out of, so don’t feel obligated to pick a “normal” door. Create something that you find visually pleasing.


You can add a considerable amount of life to your door by adding a few simple accessories. Window panes or a fashionable handle make your door stand out from the others.


One of the most important ways to upgrade your garage door and increase curb appeal is to paint color. It is important to pick a neutral color that helps to accentuate the exterior color of the house, making your home truly pop.

Getting Help With Your Garage Door

Garage doors are one of the most frequently used doors in a home. A garage door that’s as functional as it is livable with smart updates will add value to any home. While the “snout house” isn’t ideal, it doesn’t remove any chance of your home having curb appeal. With a few small adjustments, your home could work past the front-facing garage and give off a welcoming look.

If you’re interested in replacing your garage door in Louisville, Elizabethtown, Lexington, or any of the surrounding Kentucky areas, trust the professionals at Absolute Overhead Door Service. We have a variety of garage doors for sale, and we’ll handle the entire installation process. Reach out to us today!

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