Make Life Easier With A Smart Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster Smart Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster Elite Openers Adds Convenience To Daily Life

Today, it seems like everyone is always on the go. In fact, you most likely have left home and then suddenly wondered if you had remembered to lock the front door, or even close the garage door.

Fortunately, today’s technology is adding more convenience and control to our daily lives. This is true with garage doors as well. With LiftMaster’s Elite Series of garage door openers, you are now able to check if your garage door is closed, no matter where you are. All you need to do is install the MyQ app on your smartphone and you can ensure that your garage, as well as your home, is safe and secure even when you’re not there.

Not only does the app alert you if your garage door is open or closed, but it also allows you to operate your door remotely. So, if you’re driving to work and forgot to close your door when you left, you no longer have to make a U-turn to go back and close it. All you have to do is wait until you get to work and use the app to close it. The advantage of LiftMaster and its MyQ app is that you always remain connected to your home.

You can also set up the app to notify you with real-time alerts when your door opens and closes. With this technology, you’ll always know what’s going on at home, even while you’re away. You can also preset days and times for the garage door to close so you never have to worry about making sure you closed the door when heading out for work.

Have a guest coming over before you get home? Your app will let you open the garage door and then close it once your friend has left. LiftMaster provides the ultimate in peace of mind – right from the palm of your hand! Check out our blog post highlighting the benefits of this opener paired with Amazon’s in-garage delivery! And have no fear – the MyQ app is password protected. This means you’ll be the only one who can access the app and perform the different available operations easily and conveniently from your phone.

Adding convenience to your home can pay for itself! Whether you have it set to a daily schedule or only use it once in a while when you forget to close your door – the new features on these garage door openers add comfort and security to your daily life. If you’re interested in learning more about smart garage door openers or have a specific interest in the LiftMaster MyQ system, give us a call or schedule a free estimate below!  

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