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Garage Door Safety Tip #4

In recognition of National Garage Door Safety Month, we’re showing homeowners common safety tips and best practices for your garage door throughout the month of June. Our last video for the Month reminds homeowners to double-check the path of your garage doors from objects that safety sensors may not detect.

Watch our video and read the entire transcript below:

Hello everyone, I’m Brent with Absolute Overhead Door of Louisville, Kentucky. I’m at our location here in Louisville – 3600 Chamberlain Lane. It’s our new office for Wholesale Door Supply and Absolute Overhead Door.

In recognition of Garage Door Safety Month, we want to just give you all a few pointers that may prevent you from some headaches with your garage door and your operating system.

I know during the summertime, you may be pulling in and out of the garage, loading and unloading material out of your vehicles. We just want to show you that here in this particular situation, we’ve got a truck backed under the door in the opening.

If you notice the safety sensors are about six inches off the ground here so if by chance we forgot to make sure that the vehicle was pulled out of the opening and went to shut the door, this could very easily knock your door off track because your sensors aren’t going to detect that the vehicle is in the way and it will hit the truck and knock it off track, which we’re not going to do today.

The safety beams are not going to detect your vehicle so as you are loading and unloading coolers in and out of the garage, just make sure that you get your vehicle completely out of the opening so you don’t accidentally damage your door and knock it off track and you don’t have to call us.

If you do by chance do that, please give us a call. We’ll be sure to get you back on track.

Thank you and have a good day. Be safe.

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