Garage Door Opener Vacation Lock | Garage Door Safety Month

Garage Door Safety Tip #3

In recognition of National Garage Door Safety Month, we’re showing homeowners common safety tips and best practices for your garage door throughout the month of June. In our third video, Brent shows us how to properly engage the vacation lock on your garage door opener.

Watch our video and read the entire transcript below:

Hello everyone! I’m Brent with Absolute Overhead Door in Elizabethtown and Louisville, Kentucky. I’m in a customer’s home in Radcliff today.

In recognition of Garage Door Safety Month, we wanted to show you one of the common features that most garage door openers have that customers are not aware of. Most of them today currently have a vacation lock.

We know it’s summertime, a lot of people are going out of town – going on vacation, so a simple safety precaution that you all can do when you’re leaving is to put the lock on your garage door operator.

And the way you would do that on most of them, this is a LiftMaster Model 8355, the vacation lock on this one is located underneath the activation bar here on your wall station. We flip the lid up, you’ll see an orange light here and that’s just showing that it’s in normal functioning mode. Once you engage the lock on this, the light will start to blink. The lock button on this one is right next to the orange light.

When you want to engage the lock when you all are leaving, you just press and hold it until that orange light starts to flash. Once it’s flashing like this, your vacation lock is working. If you want to test it – just press the button on any of your remotes. This one here, the lights are flashing because it’s engaged. It won’t shut the door, won’t open the door. The only way to operate the door at this point would be from the wall station.

Now, once you shut the door you will not be able to open it again with any of your remotes or with your wireless keypad so the only way to get it to function when you all come home would be to come through the entry door to the home and then come back in here and flip up the lid and you’re going to want to press and hold that lock button again until the orange light quits blinking.

Once that happens all your remotes will start working properly again your wireless keypad will work again.

Thanks again for watching it. Be safe and enjoy the rest of your summer.

If you’re having any problems with your garage door or would like to install a garage door opener that has this vacation lock feature, give us a call. We’re proud to offer all of our customer’s free estimates and same day service!

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