Disengage Your Opener | Garage Door Safety Month

Garage Door Safety Tip #2

In recognition of National Garage Door Safety Month, we’re showing homeowners common safety tips and best practices for your garage door. In our second video, Brent shows us how to properly disengage your opener and how to engage the manual slide lock.

Watch our video and read the entire transcript below:

Hello everyone my name is Brent Halbur. I’m with Absolute Overhead Garage Doors in Louisville, Kentucky. I’m on location at a customer’s house here.

In recognition of Garage Door Safety Month, today we’re going to show you how to disengage your garage door from the electric operator in the instance that your power may go out so that you can run the door manually and get your vehicle out if you need to. And we’re also going to show you how to engage the manual slide lock so that no one can get in from the outside. So if you ever come home or you’re trying to leave and your power’s out or whatever the case may be, your door won’t open, you have an emergency release hold cord with the red handle on it here.

All you have to do to disengage it is just pull down on it and pull it toward the house and that will keep it – keep the spring on the on the trolley up there extended so that it does not hang up on the trolley and then you’ll be able to lift your door from the handle that should be located on one of the lower sections and you can pick your door up.

It should stay up if it’s working properly and then get your vehicle out and then once you get your vehicle out you can lower the door by hand and we’ll get your manual lock. Just pull back down on your door.

This one here has a manual slide lock on the right-hand side, here all you have to do is push that latch over.

You may have to push down on it a little bit. Get the latch to go through the tracks here and then if necessary you can put a padlock on it or whatever but if it’s you know – without the padlock even – it’s very secure.

No one will be able to grab it from the outside and pick it up. It’ll be secure for you and then once your power comes on, the biggest thing is, you want to make sure you unhook that manual lock because if you did reengage your operator and that lock is engaged, you’re going to damage the door. So just make sure that you disconnected that manual lock before you re-engage your operator.

When the power comes back on and you’re ready to re-engage the operator, you’re going to want to take the emergency string here and pull it toward the outside of the house or toward the door and that spring will collapse. Then you can hit your button on the wall station or your remote and it should re-engage it automatically for you.

Thanks for watching and be safe.

If you’re having any problems with your garage door, need help disengaging (or reengaging) your door to the opener, or would like to have a manual slide lock installed, give us a call. We’re proud to offer all of our customer’s free estimates and same day service!

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