Testing Your Opener | Garage Door Safety Month

Garage Door Safety Tip #1

June is National Garage Door Safety Month. Since 1993, all garage door openers manufactured in the U.S. must include a second safety reversing feature. If your opener does not have this feature, it’s time to get a new operator. In our first Safety Month video, our service manager, Brent, shows us how to check our garage door opener and its safety features. Please see the video and transcript below.

Hello everyone my name is Brent Halbur. I’m with Absolute Overhead Garage Door Services here in Elizabethtown and Louisville. I’m on location at a customer’s home in Vine Grove, Kentucky. In recognition of Garage Door Safety Month we just want to go over a few basic things that you can check yourself at home to make sure that your operating system is working as it should. There are a few basic things on your operator.

The first one would be your sensitivity settings. They’re basically there in case your door starts to shut on something or if there’s something with the door is not working properly, if your bearings are binding up or there’s any kind of obstruction or resistance – your operators should detect that and should automatically reverse.

So the easiest way to test that would be to activate the door either from your wall control by the entry door to the house or with your garage door remote control and then when the door starts to move you should be able to grab the bottom of the door when it’s in motion and with very little resistance it should automatically reverse and your lights on your operator should start flashing to let you know that there’s an issue. So we’re going to check that. As you can see this one reversed as it should.

One other feature that you can test at home for your safety beams and garage door system is up to code – those sensors are down near the ground level and if anything is breaking that beam, your door should not close or if a child walks through there, it should reverse and go back up. This one is working properly. It reversed when I broke the beam and the lights are flashing.

If you ever see that, give us a call and we’ll come out and check it out. If you can’t figure it out yourself we’d be more than happy to help you. Thanks for watching today and be safe.

If you live in and around the Elizabethtown, Louisville, or Southern Indiana areas and need to replace your garage door opener, give us a call for free estimates and same day service!

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