I just backed into the garage door, now what?

Backed into the Garage Door

You woke up late for work and jumped into the car. You threw it into reverse and then, BOOM! – you realized that you just backed into the garage door. Now, what do you do?

What to do if you back into your garage door:

Assess the Damage

The first thing you need to do is figure out what parts of your door are damaged. It’s important that you do not attempt to use the garage door opener until you determine what damage has been done.

  • Do not touch or push anything
  • Don’t try to lift or lower the door (no matter where it is along its usual path)
  • Look at the rollers. Are they still on the tracks?
  • Look at the point where the rollers and hinges connect. Are they still joined?
  • What about the lifting cables? Do they seem to be in alignment with the drums?
  • Now, look at the entire lifting system. This includes the lifting cables, the springs, and the bottom bracket. Does anything appear to be broken or disconnected?

The Door is Off Track

If your door was hit hard enough, it may have caused the rollers to come out of their tracks. If this happens do not attempt to open/close your door or fix the problem yourself, this could lead to serious injuries. You should call a garage door specialist immediately.

The Bottom Portion of the Door is Damaged

In most cases, the only part of your door that is damaged is simply the bottom panels. If this is the case, and there are not any other issues, your garage door opener may be able to lift your door. Keep in mind you should only attempt this if you are sure the springs are not damaged, and the door is still in its tracks. Stand well away from your door when attempting to open or close it and if you hear loud noises, the door shakes or doesn’t move at all, immediately unplug your opener and call a professional.

After damaging your garage door, you’ll want a professional to inspect the damage, complete the repairs, and ensure that your garage door will be back up and running in no time. While your car may be stuck inside the garage, it is far too dangerous to do anything other than getting a repair professional.
If you need repairs on your garage door, don’t hesitate to contact Absolute Overhead Door. We’ve helped many Kentuckiana homeowners who’ve backed into their garage door fix their doors in a timely and professional manner.

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