Don’t Be a Victim: Keep Intruders Out!

Garage Door Safety

Keep Your Garage Door Secure

A secure garage should be part of an overall strategy for effective home security. Don’t let a broken garage door, electronic opener, or unsecured garage entry be the weak link in your family’s safety system. Here are some simple tips for maintaining a secure garage. Don’t be a victim of a preventable situation and keep intruders (even unwanted animals!) out! 

The Door

Garage doors can be an easy target for intruders to gain entry to your home. Make sure yours is made out of solid-core wood or reinforced steel (models without windows are even more secure). Your garage door should maintain a snug fit and its mechanical parts kept in good repair and free of corrosion. Make sure your garage and the door that leads from your garage to your home remain closed and locked overnight or while you are away.

The Garage Door Opener

Having an excellent, quiet, and programmable door opener is key to security. Most garage door openers come equipped with an emergency release latch that you can secure with zip ties – this will preserve the safety function while still preventing intruders from interfering with the mechanism. If you use a remote, put it on your keychain rather than storing it inside the car. An automatic door opener that closes the door behind you will take the guesswork out of “Did I leave the garage open?”, but there are also monitors that can tell you at a glance if your garage door is still open.

Accessories, Alarms & Locks

There are a number of anti-kick garage door devices on the market – these are simple attachments that reinforce the door jamb and other weak spots. Consider extending your home security alarm system to cover all garage entry points.

Keep Your Home Safe

Following these basic steps can make your garage less vulnerable to break-ins. If you are concerned about the safety and looking to upgrade your garage systems, don’t hesitate to call our technicians at Absolute Overhead Door for expert advice. Our residential and commercial garage door services include garage door repair, replacement parts, new installations, and security strategies. Head over to our garage door openers page for all of our available models. Keep your family and property safe, call us or fill out the information below for someone to call you back, today!

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