What Can You Do About a Noisy Garage Door?

noisy garage door

Generally speaking, a garage door starts to make excessive noise when there is something wrong with it. By arranging for a garage door specialist like the ones at Absolute Overhead Door to take a look at your garage door on an annual basis, you can catch potential issues and correct them in time to prevent such complications. However, if you have a noisy garage door on your hands, there are some things that you might be able to do.

How Can You Fix a Noisy Garage Door?

Please note that not all garage door repair can be performed by a homeowner on their own, meaning that more complicated problems should be trusted to a garage door specialist:

  • Sometimes, the moving parts of a garage door opener can start making too much noise because there is excessive friction between them, meaning that they need to be lubricated.
  • Other times, something might be broken. Typical examples range from the torsion springs that are found at the top of the door to worn-out bearings. Homeowners should never attempt to repair and replace these parts on their own for the simple reason that even small mistakes can cause garage doors to fall on people and some of their components to pop out with sufficient force to break bones.
  • In some cases, replacing a component with a quieter counterpart can lower the noise level as well, with examples ranging from replacing a chain drive with a belt drive to replacing metal rollers with nylon rollers. Once again, getting professional assistance should be considered the default option for interested homeowners.
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If you have a problem with a noisy garage door or any other common issues, you should contact Absolute Overhead Door at your earliest convenience instead of attempting to handle it on your own since garage doors have been known to inflict serious injuries on people who try to repair them. With the necessary expertise, experience, and equipment, there is nothing like the services of the reliable and reputable garage door specialists at Absolute Overhead Door to ensure the highest quality of service effectively and efficiently. We always have someone waiting to speak with you, 24 hours a day — 7 days a week. You will NEVER speak with a recording but ALWAYS a person! Call today — (502) 273-5153 for the Absolute best in the business OR you may fill out the information below and one of our friendly employees will contact you!

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