Should You Repair or Replace Your Damaged Garage Door?

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Repair or Replace Your Damaged Garage Door?

Nearly all aspects of a home require some sort of maintenance or attention from time to time, and your garage door is no exception. There will likely be an instance that your garage door will become damaged or cease to work properly during your time as a homeowner, and you will have to decide whether to repair or replace the door. The following will get you pointed in the right direction, but it is always best to consult with a professional garage door service like Absolute Overhead Door before making a final decision.

Repairing your door

Often when your garage door stops working without any notice, it is a relatively easy repair. Our experts are able to quickly determine the issue and replace the affected part so that your door is back to working perfectly

If the door feels ‘heavy’

When the door starts to go up and down slowly or appear sluggish, often times the repairs are simple. The springs in a garage door wear out over time and require replacement to bring the door back into balance.

If a panel is damaged

Damage to a garage door that is localized to one panel should not necessitate replacement of the entire door. Modern garage doors are modular, and just the affected panel can be replaced with ease by a trained professional. Dents and rusted scratches are the most common reasons for panel replacement.

Replacing your door

There are two major reasons that your garage door should be replaced:

Cosmetic Issues: Like any other part of a home, garage doors weather over time. A door that is rusted, scratched, or dented all over should be replaced. Not only is it a good investment into your home’s well being, but it will also increase the value of your home beyond what you spend on it.

Heavy Damage: A door that has been severely damaged by wear and tear, high winds, or contact with another object like a vehicle should be replaced. The door sections, springs, track, and opener motor can all be stressed or damaged in a severe instance.

If your garage door is in need of repair or replacement, or you need help determining the best course of action, look no further than Absolute Overhead Door. Our expert technicians are available seven days a week, with same day service available before 1 pm! Call us today at  (502) 273-5153  with any questions, or to schedule your service.

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